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The subject of PAN Botanic Garden’s activity is scientific research in experimental and applied botany, biotechnology and plant genetics, applied ecology, broadly understood nature conservation and protection of biological diversity as well as the popularisation of knowledge about the natural sciences.

Some of the Garden’s main tasks include in particular the establishment and maintenance of collections of plants and the maintenance and development of a seed bank; scientific research on the basics of the protection of biodiversity on a genetic, population, species and ecosystem level as well as environmental protection; training of researchers and specialists with special qualifications in botany, genetics, biotechnology, ecology and gardening; running didactic activities for students in higher education as well as for primary schools and secondary schools in botany, genetics and plant biotechnology, gardening, ecology and wildlife protection; the dissemination of knowledge of the natural sciences, agriculture and forestry, especially topics concerning human plant use and the problematic of the threats posed to wildlife and the protection of nature and the environment; organising plant collections and exhibitions available to the public for the purposes of popularisation and education as well as recreational and cultural purposes.