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  • May 1-5 | HANJI • ONGGI • ODEECH – Discover the magic of Korea – Paper Trail 2024
  • May 1-5 | May Day in the Garden – fair
  • May 4-5 | We track animals – a guided walk
  • May 5 | Corsairs and boutonnieres – flower jewelry – floristry workshops (cafe)
  • May 11 – June 2 | Exhibition of Weronika Naszarkowska and Bogna Gniazdowska (FANGORÓWKA)
  • May 11 | Theatrum Botanicum – opening of the exhibition by prof. Leszek Szurkowski (Aleja Dębowa)
  • Leszek Szurkowski THEATRUM BOTANICUM
    Exhibition open till the end of June Botanical Garden invites you to visit an open-air exhibition titled
    Theatrum Botanicum by Leszek Szurkowski. Exhibition consist of 40 archival quality images printed on acrylic coated aluminum
    boards in size 150×100 cm. „For me, as always, the most interesting things unfold around the
    edges of our existence – on borders and on a small scale, under the magnifying glass of life. Essential to look at those small spheres
    or fragments of nature from the same level. There, hidden from eyes of casual observers passing by with no magnifying glass and
    no desire to look closer, was another fascinating and magical world (microcosmos) of plants“
    Leszek Szurkowski
    “In his work, Leszek Szurkowski uses photography to capture ephemeral moments, thereby granting us unique access to
    complex relationships and contexts. It’s more than just an aesthetic composition; it’s a petrification of the process, a freezing of a
    moment that allows us to extract the hidden ‘superconductivity’ and timelessness in the object, which thus gains an additional
    dimension of losslessness. Behind the presented images lie entire universes of meanings and interpretations and observing them can
    be a point of crystallization for a deep understanding of nature and its hidden processes”
    Paweł Kojs – vicedirektor of Botanical Garden
  • May 11 | Celebration of the 55th anniversary of the very hungry caterpillar – Tatarak Publishing House
  • May 12 | Floralia Musical – Music in flowers – piano festival (FANGORÓWKA)
  • May 15 | Forget-me-not Day, We Protect Biodiversity – a walk with opportunities
  • May 18 | Night of Museums (Orangery)
  • May 18 | Bomb meadows – flower workshops
  • May 18-19 | Rhododendron Days – walks with exclusion
  • May 18-19 | Kitchen and tea – Korean cooking workshops in the title
  • May 18 | In the Healthy Garden – J-elita Association (conference room)
  • May 19 | Plant Ladies – Body Art Theater – performance
  • May 19 | The most beautiful chickens in the world – 9th exhibition
  • May 20 | We design terraces and small gardens – presentation, lecture, training (cafe)
  • May 24 | Botanical Five – night edition