Guided walks take place all year round on all days of the week after prior arrangement.

  • The group may consist of up to 20 participants. During the pandemic it is compulsory to cover your mouth and nose throughout the walk. After the completion of the guided tour around the Botanical Garden masks are obligatory only in closed spaces, e.g. in the orangery.
  • The walk can last from 1 to 3 hours. The net price of one hour is 120.00 zł (147.60 zł with tax) + each participant’s entry ticket.


  • phone: 723 615 000
  • email:

The fee due for the tour must be paid a few days before the planned arrival so that the amount can be credited and an invoice issued. It is also possible to pay upon arrival by prior arrangement.


  • PAN Ogrod Botaniczny 02-973 Warszawa, 2 Prawdziwka St.
  • Account number: 10 1130 1017 0020 1462 9420 0025

In order to verify the payment correctly, the date and time of the walk and the name of the organiser must be entered in the title of the transfer.

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