One of the important tasks of the Polish Academy of Sciences is to disseminate to the public the effects of research conducted by its staff. Therefore, we are reaching out to all those interested in the work of our scientists and we are publishing a book entitled “Tajik Melting Pot. Reflections of Middle Asian nature in the culinary culture of Tajkistan”. This work, taking the form of a culinary book, is at the same time the result of ethnobotanical and botanical research conducted by members of the conservation botany team – dr Marcin Kotowski, Alidovar Sodatsairov and the director of Botanical Garden of Polish Academy of Sciences, prof. Arkadiusz Nowak, in cooperation with scientists from the Central Asian University in Khorog – dr Murodbek Laldjebaev and Barfiya Palavonshanbieva. In this book, the authors aim to bring both Polish- and English-speaking readers a picture of the nature of Central Asia through the prism of local culinary culture and related folk beliefs. The publication, which was funded by the Activity of Dissemination of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is available for you at the following link:

(PDF) Tajik Melting Pot – Reflections of Middle Asian nature in the culinary culture of Tajkistan (