General information: around 200 taxons

Area: 0.15 ha

The collection of vegetable plants presents vegetable species and varieties mainly of Polish origin, as well as little known and rarely cultivated species. Every year, as far as possible, new varieties are selected based on their taste, dietary or decorative values (their selection depends on the habit, colour and shape of the edible parts). Around 200 species and varieties can be seen in the collection every year.

Little-known and rarely cultivated vegetables are the highlight of the collection. Many originate from other parts of the world or are forgotten vegetables formerly known in Poland. The forgotten vegetables include the skirret with its edible roots and the Jerusalem artichoke with its edible tubers that are sweeter than potatoes. The collection also includes kale, salsify and scorzonera. Among the lesser-known vegetables, an interesting plant is the scarlet squash with its beautiful, ornamental flowers.

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