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Regulations of visiting

  1. Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden – CBDC in Powsin is available to the visiting public during hours listed among others on its website, social media pages and at the Garden entrance. Entry to the Garden outside regular opening hours is possible only after the receipt of suitable permission.
  2. There is an admission fee to the Garden and visits can be made on the basis of purchase of a ticket or pass. Prices can be found HERE. Visitors ought to keep their ticket or pass on their person and present it to be checked whenever requested to by an employee of the Garden. A purchased ticket is not transferable to another person.
  3. Visitors under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult.
  4. Visitors must follow designated paths and other areas available to visitors. Entry onto flowerbeds, elements of the garden’s architecture and areas excluded from sightseeing is prohibited.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to pick plants and fruits or to obtain any plant material in the Garden. Some plants are poisonous, and therefore, for the sake of one’s own safety, plants, fruits and seeds ought not to be touched, picked or consumed.
  6. The use of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, roller skates and other vehicles that may pose a threat to visitors is strictly forbidden in the Garden. Disabled guests may use wheelchairs and bicycles after presenting a document confirming their disability.
  7. Lighting fires, smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes and tobacco, the consumption of alcohol and use of any stimulants in the Garden is absolutely forbidden. Entry with objects that may disturb peace (sporting equipment and audio devices among others) or endanger others is prohibited.
  8. Entry into the Garden with animals is prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and disabled.
  9. Photography is free for private purposes. Photoshoots, both commemorative and commercial, and video recording are subject to a fee and the receipt of suitable permission.
  10. The use of drones and flying models in the Garden is completely prohibited.
  11. The visitor is responsible (including financially responsible) for all damage. Parents or guardians are materially responsible for damage made by children.
  12. The Botanic Garden is not responsible for accidents and incidents caused by disobeying these regulations, the rules for use of the facility as well as general health and safety measures.
  13. Persons who do not comply with the rules of visiting the Garden may be asked to leave it immediately without the possibility of applying for a refund of the ticket fee. Persons who violate the regulations in a gross manner may be subject to sanctions resulting from the regulations.
  14. Please respect the opening times and leave the garden before the gates close. Cars left in the car park outside the designated hours will be subject to an extra free. The garden is not responsible for vehicles left in the car park outside of the opening hours.
  15. In matters unregulated by these regulations binding decisions are made by the director of the Garden or by persons authorised by the director.